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Ahmed Halawa

If you are a salesman unsure of your National Occupational Classification (NOC) code, here are the steps you can use to establish it:

1- Visit the Government of Canada’s official website for National Occupational Classification (NOC), at:

2- Scroll to the “Find your NOC” section and click on the “Find your NOC” button.

3- Utilize the NOC search tool by inputting either your job title or an appropriate keyword into the search box – for instance “salesman”.

4- Search results will display a list of occupations that match your search. Review each option until you find one that best aligns with your job duties and responsibilities.

5- Once you’ve identified your NOC code, jot it down and include it in your Express Entry profile.

Selecting an NOC code that accurately represents your job duties and requirements can help determine your eligibility for immigration programs, and increase your chances of permanent residency through Express Entry. It is advisable to take time and review each NOC code carefully prior to selecting one to ensure it adequately reflects your work experience and skills.