Book A Consultation

What is a consultation session? 

It is a one-on-one analysis session that is conducted either personally or virtually. During the consultation session, We will get to know you, what you are looking for, and to advise you on the available options you have at the light of the Canadian immigration law. 

 Do I need it? 

There is no suite fits all, if you are reading these words, you are probably looking for help, so I would say yes, you need the consultation session.  

Why should I pay? 

You are paying for our time and the cost of the right information, which is way less than the time and money you would lose if you don’t have it. 

Our immigration professionals will give you the right legal advice and manage your file. The internet has a lot of contradicting and misleading information; Our role is to be the ultimate source of credible information.  

Based on the outcome of our initial consultation session, and If you decided to move forward and retain our services, the consultation fee would be deducted from the total retainer fee if you retained our service within seven calendar days. 

Note: Available time slots are in your local time zone unless you are using a VPN.