Work in Canada

Canadian Visa W-1

Canada is a country that has always been welcoming to immigrants. The Canadian government recognizes the importance of foreign workers and has implemented several programs and policies to attract them to Canada.  

According to recent statistics, Canada is experiencing a labor market shortage, with many industries struggling to find skilled workers. This is good news for foreign workers who are looking to secure a job in Canada, as there are many opportunities available. Some of the industries that are experiencing labor shortages include healthcare, technology, construction, and agriculture. 

One of the best ways to obtain permanent residency status in Canada is by securing a job in the country. Many employers in Canada are willing to sponsor foreign workers who have the skills and experience they need. Once a foreign worker has secured a job offer in Canada, they can apply for a work permit. After working in Canada for a certain period of time, they may be eligible to apply for permanent residency status. 

 To be able to work in Canada you must secure a valid work permit, these are the two main streams to do that…