• Does your business suffer from a high turnover?
  • Are you struggling to find the right talent locally?
  • Is your business continuity affected by the labour shortage in your area?
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We helped many local businesses to overcome the labour shortage!

Why to hire foreign workers?

  • Attract and retain the most qualified candidates as your workforce
  • Employees who will stay with you for a minimum of 2 years
  • Reduce downtime and loss of revenue due to unfilled roles
  • Have a diversified workforce and capture the big immigrant
    customer base
Solutions for all type of Services

Businesses are looking for local
qualified workers.

Technical repair service
Grass cleaning
Construction crane

Canadian Immigration Access,
helped many businesses.

As featured in the Vancouver Sun

Many industries, from construction and health care to education services and manufacturing, are facing challenges in hiring and keeping new workers.

Many employers are struggling with high employee turnover rates and the costs associated with frequent retraining. That’s why businesses are turning to workers outside Canada to ease the shortfall.

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I am writing this review to express my utmost satisfaction with the services provided by CIMMA Immigration during my sister in law international student application process. Their exceptional guidance, professionalism, and unwavering support made my journey smoother and more manageable than I ever imagined. From the very beginning, CIMMA Immigration demonstrated their extensive knowledge and expertise in immigration matters specifically related to international students. They understood the unique challenges faced by prospective students and addressed each with utmost diligence. Their attention to detail and personalized approach were evident in every step of the application process. The team at CIMMA Immigration took the time to thoroughly assess her profile and ambitions, ensuring they understood her goals and aspirations. This comprehensive understanding allowed them to tailor their services to not only meet the requirements of her chosen university but also to align with her personal academic and career objectives. I was pleasantly surprised by their prompt and efficient communication. Thank you CIMMA, to every member of this team you are the best :)
Georges Yazbeck
Georges Yazbeck
Hey there, I would love to say, it was very warm and friendly meeting with Mr. Amr, easy way to explain all programs, professional to know and handle your suitable situation, I am really glad and recommend to anyone who wants to go with this group…. Well done
Great service and professional Very happy with the information Amor has shared with us so far via Zoom. Looking forward to work with them for my immigration process soon.
Cristel Layove Komurally
Cristel Layove Komurally
Hello everyone! Working with many lawyers for my profession, I understand how expensive they can be (and a lot of the time rightfully so). That said, I had a few questions and was blown away by Amr Shehata’s response. He didn’t advise me like the other lawyers said, “Book a consult now for $99 and we can dive deeper…”. Amr simply answered my questions and was more than happy to help answer a few more. If anyone needs help hiring a lawyer that truly is about helping you and getting your loved one here, it’s my opinion Amr is one of the top. Thanks again buddy!
Dav W
Dav W
I had a very complicated case, but Amr used his knowledge and expertise and got us through it. Recently, I've become a permanent resident in Canada. Amr and his team are professionals and deliver results as promised. Thank you CIMMA.
Aly Mostafa
Aly Mostafa
The consultation exceeded my expectation. It was very helpful and it gave me a good idea of how to go about with my immigration concerns. Highly recommended.
Venice Ayque
Venice Ayque
I am a Truly satisfied client of CIMMA, my experience with them is impeccable. I strongly recommend CIMMA for having excellent, professional and efficient service.
Ma. Angiely Dunton
Ma. Angiely Dunton
Very informative and direct to the point. Appreciate the honesty and the variety of options discussed.
Hatan Elmaki
Hatan Elmaki
I had a very informative and helpful consultation session with Amr.
Phyo Thandar
Phyo Thandar

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